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Do you want to double your ROI without losing money on pretty long and costly A/B testing?

Now it is possible, thanks to my proactive approach.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO or "Growth Hacking") supports site performance by improving the ratio of site visitors converted into actual customers. CRO also assists in increasing sales, Click-through rates, and other goals without having to buy more traffic for your website.

- The biggest problem of Conversion Optimization is the need to do continuous testing...
- Each conversion improvement requires 4-6 months of A/B testing.
- Each test costs your Business lots of time and money, and results in lost profits.
- Your Business can't afford to wait so long before your ROI improves!

Therefore, I created a different approach to minimize the testing phase. My method increases your profits significantly after the first 1-2 months! This enables you to see increased ROI sooner, not waste time and resources on testing every page variant for months on end.

So what is my strategy exactly?

1) Analyze all historical data goldmine present in your Google Analytics account

2) Focus on already converting visitors first

3) Find and optimize the worst- and best-performing conversion funnels, pages, and content

4) Identify technical and usability issues for problematic device/browser/screen resolution instances

5) Analyze shopping behavior and optimize it accordingly

6) Find and fix common UX/UI and site interaction patterns by in-depth review of visitor session recordings and heatmaps

7) Apply all the above data to build further optimization campaigns for ongoing profit uplift (at this stage, a significant ROI increase is achieved without any A/B testing)

And It does not stop here! Your site will be audited for all aspects of Customer Behavior Analysis, NLP, Color Psychology, and Effective Conversion Design Principles to achieve ongoing performance improvement.

And the cost? You will be surprised that I charge less than any leading CRO agency or consultant out there. There are no long-term contracts either. I know my results will speak for themselves; it is a perfect win-win solution for your continuous Business growth.


Do you want a free call to explore your digital marketing challenge and investigate the best approach?
Contact me today!

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